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Photographing these winter family photos was so much fun! We were pretty limited on locations for this photo shoot because it had been snowing all week! Where I live is very flat and brown this time of the year. We don’t have big beautiful mountains or dense pretty forests to do photo shoots in. So that means I have to get very creative!

While I was scouting for a location, I was initially going to go with a golf course. Then I saw these beautiful snow-covered trees in someone’s backyard that would be perfect! While to the naked eye, this location wouldn’t look very special, it was pure magic and looked like a winter wonderland in the Foothills of Colorado! They were so carefree and trusted the process, and their winter family photos turned out lovely! The perk of living in a small town was that my clients knew the owner of the property and said they wouldn’t mind us photographing here! What a win!

Magic Comes From Trusting The Process | Winter Family Photos

In some ways, I think having to make a basic location into something magical has made me a better photographer because I’m used to having to make something from nothing and get really creative when scouting locations!

So, my point in all of this is to trust the process, and trust your photographer as well! While of course, I’m always open to specific locations you love and want to shoot at, but if you want me to choose a location for you, trust me to choose a location that will give you beautiful photos!

You can find beautiful locations anywhere as a good photographer, you just have to think outside of the box and get a little creative! As a result, you’ll get stunning photos like this family got because they trusted the process!

Let’s capture your own winter wonderland photos next!

Ready to plan your own winter wonderland photoshoot next? I’m up for the task, and ready to find you a beautiful location for your photos, too! You can learn more about me here! If you feel like we’d be a great match, then inquire with me! Can’t wait to chat more soon.

Winter family photos in Colorado

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winter family photos in Colorado

January 18, 2023

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