5 Tips For Your Colorado Elopement

If you’re planning a Colorado elopement, chances are you’re ready to do things your way and have fun on your big day! Hi, I’m Mckailie! I’m a Colorado wedding and elopement photographer and I’m here to make sure you have a kick ass wedding day! Eloping equals the stress free way to have a kick ass wedding, right?! At least that’s what I keep seeing on TikTok.

Don’t get me wrong, eloping is freaking amazing and I’m actually choosing it myself but I want you to understand that it does also require some planning. To make it easier for you, here are 5 Tips for eloping in Colorado so you can actually have a stress free day!

Tip #1 for your Colorado Elopement

My first tip for your elopement in Colorado is to hire a vendor team that is local and familiar with the area. Hiring locals or vendors who are familiar with the area you are eloping at is so important. They can help with location scouting, permits, weather predictions, vendor recommendations and more. Eloping is often advertised as stress free- but I want to be clear that planning is still a large part of eloping and having vendors who are experienced will make all the difference in your big day.

Tip #2 Be Aware of Elevation Sickness

Ok, so don’t read this tip and freak out. I just want you to be aware of this if you’re coming from out of state! If traveling from out of state- do not travel and elope the same day. Elevation sickness is a real thing. You will need to allow for your body to adjust prior to your elopement. Elevation sickness can have you down for the count very quickly. I can imagine, the last thing you want is to feel sick on such an important day. Some places will be worse than others but it never hurts to give yourself a day or two to adjust to the elevation changes. I’ve lived in or near Colorado my entire life and still get sick every now and then when traveling through the mountains. Consider this if you plan to elope on the top of a mountain and make sure your guests know as well!

Tip #3 Expect Watchers | Colorado Elopement Tips

My next tip for your Colorado elopement, there could be some people watching happening on your big day. If you plan to elope in a popular or well known area, expect there to be people around who watch. When eloping in a popular spot (ex: Garden of the Gods), expect for a good amount of people to be walking by or even stopping to admire your wedding. If you are looking for a more private ceremony, I suggest renting an airbnb. You can also look for a local hotel or venue that you can rent! Eloping in a national park is very enticing and popular on social media nowadays. It’s a great way to save money as many parks have small permit fees or rental fees. With this comes popularity, and it’s just something to know about before your wedding day!

Tip #4 Research Permits

In most national parks, you will need some kind of permit. Always look more than 4 months ahead of time for what kind of permits are needed. (Some vendors may help with this but it’s always good to know). For example, most national parks require photo and video teams to have special permits. This can be for events, parking, photo, video and more. Make sure you are aware of all rules and so are your vendors (this is where hiring someone local comes in handy). These permits are not meant to deter people but rather keep the parks in their best possible condition. Please follow the rules and regulations of the park and leave them better than you found them if possible!

Tip #5 The Weather is Unpredictable

Be prepared for quick weather changes. The weather in this part of the world can be unpredictable and can change very quickly. Be prepared and have a back up plan so you aren’t having to panic the day of your elopement. Colorado can experience all four seasons in 1 day. I am not joking. Be prepared for anything. Some mountain locations may not be accessible due to snow, wind, and rain. Always have a back up plan and make sure you are aware of what could cause you to have to move locations.

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Let Me Capture Your Colorado Elopement!

Are you ready for your bonus tip for the perfect Colorado elopement day? Have the day you and your partner TRULY want. It’s so easy to get mixed up in the planning and try to please everyone. Remember you need to love your wedding day too!! If you’re searching for the photographer who will always support you, look no further! I’d love to chat all about your dream elopement and help make that come true for you! You can fill out my contact form here, and I can’t wait to meet you!

March 13, 2023

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